adj. and adv. -er, -est, n.
1) having a great or considerable height; lofty; tall:
a high wall[/ex]
2) having a specified height:
The tree is now 20 feet high[/ex]
3) situated above the ground or some base; elevated:
a high ledge[/ex]
4) exceeding the common degree or measure; strong; intense:
high speed; high color[/ex]
5) expensive; costly; dear:
high prices; high rent[/ex]
6) exalted, as in rank, station, or eminence:
a high official[/ex]
7) mad elevated in pitch:
high notes[/ex]
8) extending to or from an elevation:
a high dive[/ex]
9) great in quantity, as number, degree, or force:
a high temperature; high cholesterol[/ex]
10) rel holding to High Church principles and practices
11) of great consequence; important; grave:
high crimes against humanity[/ex]
12) elated; merry or hilarious:
high spirits; a high old time[/ex]
13) rich; extravagant; luxurious:
to indulge in high living[/ex]
14) intoxicated or euphoric under the influence of alcohol or narcotics
15) remote:
high latitude; high antiquity[/ex]
16) extreme in opinion or doctrine, esp. in religion or politics:
a high Tory[/ex]
17) of or designating highland or inland regions
18) having considerable energy or potential power
19) aum pertaining to the gear transmission ratio at which the drive shaft speed and the speed of the engine crankshaft most closely correspond:
high gear[/ex]
20) phn (of a vowel) articulated with the upper surface of the tongue relatively close to the palate, as the vowels of eat, it, boot, and put
Compare low I, 27)
21) coo (esp. of game) aged until verging on decomposition; slightly tainted
22) spo (of a pitched baseball) crossing the plate at a level above the batter's shoulders
23) gam (of a playing card)
a) gam having greater value than other denominations or suits
b) gam able to take a trick; being a winning card
24) at or to a high point, place, or level
25) in or to a high rank or estimate:
to aim high in political ambition[/ex]
26) at or to a high amount or price
27) in or to a high degree
28) luxuriously; richly; extravagantly:
to live high[/ex]
29) naut. Naut. as close to the wind as is possible while making headway with sails full
30) aum high gear
31) mer an atmospheric pressure system characterized by relatively high pressure at its center
32) cvb a high or the highest point, place, or level; peak:
a record high for unemployment[/ex]
33) cvb sts
a) an intoxicated or euphoric state induced by alcohol or narcotics
b) a period of sustained excitement, exhilaration, or the like
Etymology: bef. 900; ME heigh, var. of he(g)h, hey, OE hēah, hēh, c. OFris hāch, OOHG hoh, ON hār, Go hauhs; akin to Lith kaũkas swelling

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